Madeira Film Experience

Madeira Film Experience is a 30-minute audiovisual journey that covers the 600 years of the history and culture of the island known all over the world as the Pearl of the Atlantic. An unparalleled audiovisual production, showing the life of a people that faced wars, revolutions, famine, and isolation but still managed to thrive. This is the story of an island, but not just that; it is also the story of a country and of all countries, of a civilisation and of all civilisations. Madeira Film Experience is screened in continuous sessions, every day of the year, closing only on Christmas Day and on the first day of each calendar year. The room is equipped with a simultaneous translation system into five languages (Portuguese, Dutch, English, German and French). Let yourself be amazed with Madeira Film Experience.


10h15 AM
11h00 AM
11h45 AM
12h30 PM
1h15 PM
2h00 PM
2h45 PM
3h30 PM
4h15 PM
5h00 PM



Free for children under 12